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New article: Effectiveness of strategic environmental assessment in Germany? – meta-review of SEA research in the light of effectiveness dimensions

Wednesday, 13. March 2019

Impact Assessment and Policy Appraisal has published the following article from our research group:

Geißler G, Rehhausen A, Fischer TB, Hanusch M 2019. Effectiveness of strategic environmental assessment in Germany? – meta-review of SEA research in the light of effectiveness dimensions. Impact Assessment and Policy Appraisal. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/14615517.2019.1587944 [1]

New Article: Implementing strategic environmental assessment in countries of the global South – An analysis within the Peruvian context

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Environmental Impact Assessment Review published the following article from our research group:

Juliane Biehl, Johann Köppel, Verena Rodorff, María Elena Huesca Pérez, Annegret Zimmermann, Gesa Geißler, Anke Rehhausen (2019). Implementing strategic environmental assessment in countries of the global South – An analysis within the Peruvian context. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 77: 23-39. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.eiar.2019.02.009
Please note that the article is available for download for free until April 30, 2019.

Study Prize for the Master Thesis of Theresa Möller-Lindenhof

Theresa Möller-Lindenhof rechts im Bild
Lupe [3]

At the last EIA Congress in September 2018, the UVP-Gesellschaft e.V. again awarded the study prize for outstanding final theses in environmental precaution. We are delighted that Theresa Möller-Lindenhof, a graduate of our Master's programme Environmental Planning, is one of the prizewinners. For her Thesis  'Generally comprehensible, non-technical summaries in environmental assessment- how reader-friendly are they really?' she conducted a readability analysis of numerous summaries of EIA and SEA studies. The result is, that they are 'very difficult' to understand, which limits their suitability as an information base for effective public participation. The exciting work can be found in issue 3/2019 of the UVP-report. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel and M.A. Marie Grimm.

Anke Rehhausen successfully defended her dotoral thesis

Friday, 22. February 2019

Lupe [4]

We are happy to congratulate our former colleague Anke Rehhausen to her doctorate. She defended her dissertation on the 22nd February 2019, which is titled "How strategic is Strategic Environmental Assessment in Germany - a contribution to an evaluation". Anke evaluated the practice of Strategic Environmental Assessments in Germany based on document analysis and expert interviews in selected cases. Her dissertation was supervised by Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel, TU Berlin and Prof. Dr. Thomas Fischer, University of Liverpool.

Final reports of the research project " How strategic is Germany's strategic environmental assessment?

Monday, 01. October 2018

The final reports of the research project "How strategic is Germany's strategic environmental assessment?" have been published on the website of Umweltbundesamt and can be found through the links below.

  • The research report  "Strategische Umweltprüfung und (neuartige) Pläne und Programme auf Bundesebene" [5] containing a systematic analysis of 18 Strategic Envrionmental Assessments (SEA) on a federal level in Germany.
  • The research study "Internationale Trends der UVP- und SUP-Forschung und -Praxis" [6] summarizing the international trends in research of Environmental Assessments (EIA and SEA).

Part of the project was also a readability guideline for environmental assessment documents, which can be found here:  "Lesefreundliche Dokumente in Umweltprüfungen [7]" .

Adaptive Management in Wind Energy Planning

Juliane Biehl, research assistant and doctoral student, will give a presentation on "Adaptive Management in Wind Energy Planning" at the 27th Wind Energy Days in Linstow on 7 November 2018. Further information and programme at https://windenergietage.de/2018/ [8].

Strategic Planning Approaches and Impact Assessments in German Wind Energy Governance

On November 20, Juliane Biehl, reasearch associate and doctoral student, will contribute to the next Wind Energy & Biodiversity Summit (WIBIS) in Mexico with the lecture "Strategic Planning Approaches and Impact Assessments in German Wind Energy Governance". Further information and programme (in Spanish) at https://www.wibisummit.org/mexico [9].

The legacy of large dams and their effects on the water-land nexus

An INNOVATE Special Issue was recently published by Regional Environmental Change. Check it out at the journal’s website: https://link.springer.com/journal/10113/18/7/page/1 [10]

There are 10 papers from members of the INNOVATE project, plus the Editorial. From the Environmental Assessment & Planning Research Group, Johann Köppel, Verena Rodorff, Liron Steinmetz and Marianna Siegmund-Schultze are among the featured authors.

In case you do not have access through a license (the Editorial, at least, is open access), you can always ask for a copy. Authors are allowed to share a pdf privately for the personal use of interested colleagues.

Enjoy reading!

Literature Tip - Quality of federal level strategic environmental assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment Review published the following article from our research group online:

REHAUSEN, A., KÖPPEL, J., SCHOLLES, F., STEMMER, B., SYRBE, R.-U., MAGEL, I., GEISSLER, G. and WENDE, W. (2018): Quality of federal level strategic environmental assessment – A case study analysis for transport, transmission grid and maritime spatial planning in Germany. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 73 : 41–59. DOI: 10.1016/j.eiar.2018.07.002

INNOVATE Guidance Manual for Stakeholder published

Lupe [11]

In the last phase of the INNOVATE project [12], researchers worked together in order to develop a guidance, which presents and illustrates the projects research results comprehensively. The guidance, which is available in English [13] and Portuguese [14], is a contribution to sustainable research by providing starting points for an implementation of research results into practice. Compacted into key messages and explanations along the sections water quantity, water quality, flora, fauna, agriculture, and society, readers like stakeholders or other practitioners can identify topics of their interest easily. Contact details from the researchers make an exchange about questions and suggestions concerning application to other regions possible even beyond the research projects duration. The Portuguese booklets are already on their way to Brazil and will be distributed to stakeholders soon.

Proceedings to the Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts 2015 published

Lupe [15]

The Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group hosted the Conference on Wind Energy and Wildlife Impacts in 2015 in Berlin. In cooperation with Springer International Publishing, selected contributions of conference presentations are now published in an anthology which was edited by Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel. "Wind Energy and Wilflife Interactions" comprises recent research on topics such as the assessment of interactions and impacts of birds and bats with wind turbines, insights in understanding and mitigating impacts on wildlife and their habitats, and a review of current research of location and spatial design of wind turbines. On 289 pages, research from Germany, Europe, the USA and other countries is presented. The anthology can be ordered directly at Springer International Publishing as hardcover or eBook edition [16].

Results of a study project about social acceptance of wind energy published

In the summer semester 2016, the Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group led a study project on the social acceptance of wind energy. The study project analyzed the acceptance in the regions of Niederer Fläming, Dahme/Mark, Uebigau-Wahrenbrück as well as in the state capital Potsdam. Each region has its own distinct perspective on wind energy. Among other things, it was evaluated whether and how the acceptance of wind energy use in the municipalities of Niederer Fläming and Dahme/Mark changed over the last ten years. Furthermore, it was examined whether differences in acceptance between rural and urban areas in Brandenburg can be identified. The results of the project have now been made accessible to the interested public in the form of a wiki [17].

Lisa Odparlik awarded with doctorate

Monday, 19. December 2016

Lupe [18]

We are happy to congratulate our research assistant Lisa Odparlik to her doctorate. She defended her dissertation on the 8th December 2016, which is titled "The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side: Access to Environmental Assessment to Documents in Germany in International Comparison". She addressed public participation in the Environmental Assessment process and assessed the availability, retrievability and comprehensibility of information in Germany and in international comparison. With her paper Lisa Odparlik contributed to advancement and theoretical understanding of public participation within the scope of EIA and further supported the development of a public national portal for EIA documents in Germany.

Dr. Gesa Geißler awarded with the Lennart-Bernadotte Prize for Landscape Management for her dissertation

Personen von links nach rechts: Die Vorstandsmitglieder Christian Graf Bernadotte, Björn Graf Bernadotte, Theodor Volkmar Leutenegger und Gräfin Bettina Bernadotte mit dem Vorsitzenden der Lennart -Bernadotte-Stiftung Prof. Dr. Dagmar Schipanski gratulier
Lupe [19]

We are happy to announce that our long term Research Associate Dr. Gesa Geißler was awarded with the Lennart-Bernadotte Prize for Landscape Management 2014. She recieved the prize on November 15th at the Island Mainau for her dissertation "The Role of Environmental Assessment and Environmental Planning in Renewable Energy Diffusion in the US and Germany". Also awarded were Elisa Ueckert and Christine Gack with the Sonja-Bernadote Medal for Garden Culture for their joint diploma thesis.

Publication of the Final Report for the research project "Wind energy in Switzerland"

After completion of the project "Wind energy in Switzerland – international state of research on relevant wildlife implications" which was run in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Agency for Energy (BFE), the final report of the project was published in the agencies publication database [20]. The report gives an overview of the current international knowledge about the impact of wind turbines on birds of prey, other breeding bird species, migrating birds and on bats and includes details on impacts and measures for those species, which might be particularly affected by the future development of wind energy in Switzerland.

Final conference "Impacts of Wind Energy Development on Wildlife – An International Synopsis"

Lupe [21]

On November 10th, 2015, from 10 to 17 o'clock, the project group together with the Federal Ministry for  Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) will organize the final conference of the research project "Impacts of Wind Energy Development on Wildlife – An International Synopsis".The conference aims at presenting  essential findings concerning the state of knowledge and new perspectives for handling environmental impacts of wind energy development. We're looking forward to your comments and fruitfull discussions about this emerging topic. The event will take place at the BMWi in Berlin, Scharnhorststraße 37. Participation is free of charge. Further information and the program can be found here [22].

Research project about Strategic Environmental Assessment in Peru started

Lupe [23]

Recently, we started a research project in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) about Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Peru [24]. The project shall identify and analyze strenghts and weaknesses of the emerging SEA system of Peru through a SWOT analysis and prepare recommendations for its further developement.

New Project "Wind energy in Switzerland" ahead

The project focuses on the impacts of wind energy on relevant wildlife in Switzerland. It focuses on research on bats, breeding/resting and migrating birds as far as collision risks, disturbances and mitigation measures are concerned (siting, operation, monitoring). The study will highlight Switzerland specific species groups and present insights for a biodiversity responsible wind energy deployment. The project is headed by the Switzerland Federal Agency for Energy BFE and is partnered by the ARSU GmbH.

Students assistant for Offshore wind energy concept wanted (NABU)

The Naturschutzbund Deutschland NABU is looking for a student assistant for their office in Berlin. The position is limited in time from February till July 2015. Your field of work will be the support in developing a strategy for an environmentally sound offshore wind planning. You can find further details on the position and your application in this document [25].

Kick-off for UBA-project „SEA on federal level“

The project with the title „SEA requirements for (novel) federal plans and programs“ (inofficial english translation) will run for two years and deals with the challenges on federal level SEA. Partners are the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development, Leibniz Universität Hannover and Hage+Hoppenstedt Partner. more... [26]

Program for Master of Environmental Planning student orientation week 2013

The programm for the student orientation for 2013th Master students of Environmental Planning is set and can be viewed and downloaded here [27].
The orientation week starts on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 13:30 in room EB 414a. It ends on Friday 18th with a field trip to the river Panke.

New Master course "Environmental Policy and Planning" in collaboration with the FU Berlin

In addition to our new Bachelor course "Ecology and Environmental Planning" we will be hosting a new Master in "Environmental Policy and Planning" which is anticipated to start in the upcoming winter term 2013/14. The "Master of Environmental Policy and Planning" will be designed and carried out by the TU Berlin in collaboration with the FU Berlin and is addressed to decisionmakers in research, policy and economy. You can find further information about the programm, application and admittance on the information-sites of the TU.

Reference - Special Issue of the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management

The current issue of the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management is a special issue about "Environmental Assessment in the context of renewable energy deployment", edited by Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel and Prof. Thomas B. Fischer of the University of Liverpool, amongst others including articles from Gesa Geißler and Jessica Reisert. Further information for this issue are available on the journals website [28]. 

New bachelor study course "Ökologie und Umweltplanung"

As of the upcoming winter term 2013/14 the bachelor study programm "Landschaftsplanung und Landschaftsarchitektur" (Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture) will be replaced by the two new bachelor study programms "Ökologie und Umweltplanung" (Ecology and Environmental Planning) and "Landschaftsarchitektur" (Landscape Architecture).

Further information about the BA "Ökologie und Umweltplanung" are available at the course-sites of the school VI "Planen - Bauen - Umwelt"

Reference - UVP Report

In the upcoming issue of the UVP-Report 26 an article from our chair about the new Offshore-Netzplan and its impacts will be published:

Lüdeke, J., Geißler, G., Köppel, J., 2012: The New Offshore Grid Plan to Control the Connection of Offshore Wind Farms. Analysis and Discussion of the Strategic Environmental Assessment. In: UVP-Report 26 (3.+4.): 183 - 190.

You can download the full version [29] of the article as a PDF.

Job opening for student teaching assistant (TutorIn)

Tuesday, 05. June 2012

The Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group seeks to fill a position of a student teaching assistant beginning in October 2012. The job description and further information can be found here [30].
Closing date for applications is June 14, 2012. For additional information or if you have questions please contact Gesa Geißler [31] or Johann Köppel [32]. Applications shall be send directly to the secretary (klaus.klisch[at]tu-berlin.de [33]).

Award won at the 1st International Festival of Research and Innovation in Urban Management

The publication “The Shahre Javan Community Detailed Plan - Planning for a Climate Responsive and Sustainable Iranian Urban Quarter” has won one of 9 awards at the “1st International Festival of  Research and Innovation in Urban Management”. The Research Festival was organized by the Tehran Urban Planning  and Research Center. Submitted were 270 works from 50 countries.

The publication has been prepared by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from the TU Berlin Young Cities Research Project and published as 3rd Volume of the Young Cities Research Paper Series. Holger Ohlenburg, member of the Environmental Assessment & Planning Research Group was one of the editors and authors.

Further information:

About the Research Festival - http://rpc.tehran.ir/Default.aspx?tabid=465 [34]

About the Research Project - http://www.youngcities.org [35]

New project on the implementation of the National Biodiversity Strategy

Lupe [36]

The new project funded by the Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) will focus on the question of how to mobilize sectoral and comprehensive planning tools to support the implementation of Germany´s biodiversity strategy. more

"Born in the USA" - special issue of the uvp-report published

Lupe [37]

After about 25 years of the European EIA-Directive and a bit more than 20 years of EIA in Germany this special issue of the uvp-report (Jg. 25 (4)) deals with the 40-years long history of EIA in the USA. The issue was initiated by Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel who brought together a variety of authors from North-America. The authors of the articles in this issue provide brief insights into the practice of EIA and SEA in the American "home country" of these instruments and highlight interesting conclusions also for Germany.

If interested the journal can be ordered from the UVP-Gesellschaft (German EIA-Association) at www.uvp.de [38].

Call for Papers for Special Issue on Environmental Assessment in the Context of Renewable Energy Deployment (Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management)

Papers are sought for a special issue of the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management (JEAPM) focusing on experience with environmental impact assessment (EIA) and strategic environmental assessment (SEA) in the context of the deployment of renewable energy (RE) resources.

Authors may send their intention to submit a paper until March 31, 2012 to Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel via Email [39].

Further information is provided on the website of the journal:



New DFG-Doctorate Program "Innovation society today"

Friday, 04 November 2011

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) supports a new Doctorate Program (Graduiertenkolleg) „Innovation society today: The reflexive creation of novelty“ at TU Berlin. Besides several professors form the Department of Sociology at TU Berlin the Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group with Prof. Dr. Johann Köppel is one partner in the doctorate program.

The graduate school will address key questions: How reflexively is novelty created today, in which areas, and by which actors? Practices, orientations, and processes of innovations will be studied in various areas of science and technology, the industrial and service sectors, arts and culture, political governance, and social planning of urban and regional spaces. Proposing a broader notion of societal innovation, the graduate school will strive to develop a more differentiated social science-based view of innovation that extends beyond conventional economic perspectives. A series of case studies in various social spheres and their comparative analysis is intended to promote a deeper and empirically founded understanding of the meaning of innovation in society today and of the social processes it involves. From the perspective of environmental assessment and environmental planning the questions of the program could be assessed using case studies from the development of renewable energy generation and the related policy and planning innovations.

For the first group of doctorate students applications will be considered beginning from 10 November 2011. A detailed call will be available from that date here [40] and on the website of the doctorate program.

Website of the Doctorate Program [41]

Press notice of the TU Berlin [42]

Environmental Assessment in Higher Education at TU Berlin

We would like to suggest to you a recently published article on higher education on environmental (impact) assessment at TU Berlin:

Köppel, J., Geißler, G. (2010): Umweltprüfungen an der TU Berlin (Environmental Assessments at the TU Berlin). UVP-report, 24 (5): 206-209 (full text [43])

The complete issue of the UVP-report presenting a variety of German universities and their programs can be acquired from the UVP-Gesellschaft (http://www.uvp.de [44]).

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