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Teaching at our Research Group


The Environmental Assessment and Planning Research Group is engaged in teaching in the Bsc „Landscape Architecture and Planning“ and in the Msc “Environmental Planning”. Many courses are also open as electives for students in the Urban and Regional Planning, Transportation, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture and Urban Ecosystem Sciences program.

The focus of teaching is on the communication of knowledge on instruments and procedures of project-oriented environmental assessment and planning. Here environmental impact assessment (EIA), strategic environmental assessment (SEA), habitat-directive assessment, as well as impact mitigation regulations are part of the program. We teach the legal background for the application of the respective instruments, the technical and methodological requirements of their implementation, and the critical reflection of the listed procedures.

The teaching in the Bachelor and the Master program is organized mainly as:

  • integrated courses (IV): combine elements of lectures, seminars, and tutorials and active participation of students during the classes; the assessment is mainly based on so called “exam-equivalent achievements” which are carried out during the semester and can be protocols, presentations, papers, or similar tasks.
  • study projects (PJ): provide the opportunity of experience oriented and autonomous work in small groups; besides technical and methodological learning the projects present the chance to exercise and improve one’s project management skills and capacity for teamwork. In the Bachelor program we offer orientation projects (one semester) and advanced projects (two semesters); in the Master program we offer study projects on “Practice and Applied Research” and “Research and Sciences” with changing topics and research questions in the realm of environmental assessment and planning.

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